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Adam Gottlieb

adam_gottliebAdam Gottlieb was a Content Strategist at Razorfish from March 2005 – May 2009, with over 10 years of content experience in multiple industries and vertical markets. His hobbies include music, visiting London with his wife, and trying to prevent his cats from waking him up before 5 am.

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Allison Eve Zell

Allison Eve ZellAllison Eve Zell is a Content Strategist driven to provide meaningful digital experiences in daily life. At Razorfish and ITP, she pivoted from 15+ years directing and editing critically acclaimed theater/film/TV, to face the online space square in the eye, and help release its stunning potential.

Bob Maynard

bobmaynard1Bob was with Razorfish as a Content Strategist from May 2007 – July 2009. Before that he lived in Florida, where he wrote marketing and technical copy, battled giant mosquitoes and organized his LP collection by color. At Razorfish he helped Ben & Jerry’s, XM Radio, MSN Money and Columbia Sportswear imagine new ways to share their stories online. He blogs at and sends his iPhone pics to Flickr.

Bob co-founded Scatter/Gather with Matt Geraghty.

Dawn Bovasso

dawn_bovassoDawn Bovasso was with Razorfish from February 2008 – October 2009. She began her career as rare books librarian at the Boston Public Library, trying to merge old books and new technology. Being involved with the BPL’s digitization projects lead to an obsession with metadata and content management systems, which lead to metadata librarianship at People Magazine online. This interest in web development, combined with the reference librarian responsibility of showing thousands of Bostonians and college students how to surf the Web, naturally lead to a career in Content Strategy and UX.

Haven Thompson

Haven ThompsonHaven Thompson was a Strategist and sometimes Content Strategist at Razorfish. She graduated from Harvard and started her career in journalism, working in the features department of W magazine. She is the co-author of Let’s Go Amsterdam 2006.

Jared Kelleher

jared_keleherJared is a content and communication strategist, marketer and copywriter. He worked with Razorfish from October 2006 – March 2010.

He has 15+ years of experience producing digital products and media in agency, corporate and start-up environments. He can (in a single bound), ID what sucks and precisely why, and if he can’t find the fix, turns to Razorfish XL, James Spahr.  When he’s not online, he keeps bees, fishes, reads and writes, and maintains a small number of old, deep and rich friendships.

Jared lives on Cape Cod, with his wife Jennifer, baby girl Mayson, and dog, Earl.

Lisa Park

San Francisco native Lisa Park—who’s lived in New York on two different occasions—joins the West Coast content strategy team after lead editorial stints at a string of Internet start-ups including BabyCenter, 7×7, Martha Stewart, Community Connect, Hungry Minds and More. As a content strategist during the dot-com heyday at digital consultancy Scient, she worked across a variety of industries for clients including BP, Intertrials, Boats and eLuxury. A bit of an adrenaline junkie—and mildly obsessed with food, Lisa temporarily traded in her white-collar job for a blue one—cooking on the line for 15 months. She still blogs and freelance writes about all things edible, but is happy to swim with the ‘fish full-time and pursue food for fun.  Follow Lisa on Twitter.

Lynn Leitte

lynnleitte1Lynn worked at Razorfish from September 2006 – May 2009. She began working with content in the traditional library and archives world of cataloging, user access terms, content assessment, and classification. She also did content creation, HTML and XML markup, and applied W3C standards to content for library website. Later, she worked at US Bank where she learned that businesses aren’t good at controlling, finding, and using their content and the truth that UAT has nothing to do with Usability. At Razorfish she developed content strategies, metadata schemas, and content classification to support web design.

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Matt Geraghty

mattMatt worked at Razorfish as a Content Strategist from July 2006 – February 2012. Before that he lived in Chicago for 9 years, where he worked in content strategy and communications for two Fortune 500 companies. Matt worked at nearly every magazine at CondeNast, helped Merrill Lynch refine their content and now oversees content strategy for He’s passionate about helping clients create a compelling experience through their content.

Matt co-founded Scatter/Gather with Bob Maynard.

Melissa Sepe

melissa3Melissa Sepe was a User Experience Associate at Razorfish from September 2009 – May 2011. A Connecticut native, she most recently hails from Cambridge, MA, where she received an Ed.M in Technology, Innovation, and Education from Harvard University. Melissa currently lives in upper Manhattan with a roommate and a neurotic kitten.

Tosca Fasso

Tosca returned to Razorfish in April 2011 to lead the Content Strategy discipline in the West Region. A Content Strategist and ACD in Razorfish’s San Francisco and Los Angeles offices from 2005 – 2008, Tosca consulted at Organic, Landor, and Charles Schwab before getting back in the ‘fish tank. She’s particularly passionate about using real English (no frankenspeak, please),  storytelling, and the magic of metadata. Tosca also managed an international style blog and has the shoes to prove it. Follow Tosca on Twitter (@toscafasso).

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