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Doug Bolin

doug_bolinDoug Bolin is currently a User Experience/Content Strategy Lead at Razorfish. He has been successfully designing, developing and managing websites and new media, producing webcasts, shooting and editing videos, producing broadcast television, making photographs and writing and publishing print for over 25 years.

Elizabeth S. Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett is a Senior Content Strategist in Razorfish’s New York office. She has a background in user experience strategy, investigative journalism and customer research. She applies her curiosity to projects in the digital publishing, retail and corporate space, focusing on how to create seamless and satisfying content experiences. These days, Elizabeth writes about food and culture for a variety of print and Web publications.

Erin Abler

Erin AblerErin Abler is an Information Architect with Razorfish Health in Philadelphia. With nearly 10 years of experience as a writer and editor, she takes a special interest in enhancing the user experience with meaningful content. Erin holds a master’s degree in library and information studies, which fuels her interest in geeky things like metadata, controlled vocabularies, and semantic interoperability. As a member of the internationally-recognized InterPARES research team at the University of British Columbia, Erin has also investigated best practices for the long-term preservation of electronic records in digital repositories.  Among her many content strategy loves, she especially relishes the challenge of balancing information access and preservation.

Erin Scime

Erin Scime is Associate Experience Director, Content Strategy at Razorfish New York where she leads the content team for Ford Motor Company. In 2008 she founded the con­tent strat­egy group at HUGE and has pub­lished on con­tent curation for A List Apart as well as spoken at con­fer­ences such as IA Summit, WebContent2011 and the first CS Forum, in Paris.

Erin spe­cial­izes in guid­ing brands in devel­op­ing their dig­i­tal prod­uct, tac­ti­cal con­tent strat­egy and guid­ing busi­nesses in mod­i­fy­ing their struc­tures and oper­a­tions to adapt to new dig­i­tal products.

Guest Authors

From time to time we have posts written by Razorfish employees that aren’t in Content Strategy, or contractors working closely with us. These are the posts written by our guest contributors.

Hawk Thompson

Hawk is a Senior Content Strategist at Razorfish Austin, where he works with client and agency teams to tell compelling brand stories across platforms. Hawk has spent the last decade providing interactive content strategy for clients such as Delta Air Lines, Samsung Mobile and Dell. As a content director, Hawk has spoken to Texas Ad Group, the University of Texas System Seminar and other organizations about digital media and user experience. In his free time Hawk heads up Multiple Drafts, a content meet-up in Austin. He also tweets a bit.

Jake Keyes

Jake Keyes is a Content Strategist at Razorfish’s New York office. Before coming to Razorfish he worked at several magazines, including The New Yorker, Narrative, and the Yale Alumni Magazine. He is interested in digital storytelling, portable content, and curating the consumable web. You can follow Jake on Twitter. He lives in Brooklyn.

Kyle Outlaw

outlaw_kyle_2008Kyle Outlaw is an Experience Director at Razorfish in New York. His expertise lies in the design of rich internet applications for the world wide web and the emerging mobile internet. Kyle is a graduate of NYU’s Interactive
Telecommunications Program.

Mary S. Butler

msbMary S. Butler is a Senior Content Strategist in the New York office. She is editor of Razorfish’s Headlight Blog and the automotive subject matter expert in the User Experience group.

Mary has played a key role in three full-scale consumer product site launches; the most recent was for which she oversaw the editorial and design groups and overall luxury vehicle portal development.

Prior to moving to New York to launch, Mary was Managing Editor of in Chicago. For more information, go to the Professional History section on her personal site.

Michael Barnwell

barnwellMichael has been creating content-rich online experiences for the last ten years. He has brought his skills in writing, editing, branding, content management and migration to a diverse group of clients, including major publishing, financial, pharmaceutical and retail enterprises.

Most recently, Michael created content strategies for two media and entertainment companies, Conde Nast’s and Cox Communication’s In both projects, he ensured, above all, that the offline brand was expressed in a unique, self-standing way to the online property.

Michael is a playwright and an adjunct professor at New York University’s ITP department, where he teaches a course entitled “Art and the Brain.” Prior to his online consultancy work, Michael worked for six years at the New Yorker magazine in the copy department.

Rachel Lovinger

rachellovingerRachel Lovinger has many years of experience in online publishing, website development and content management. As an Experience Director and Content Strategist at Razorfish, Rachel strives to connect users with the quality content they want and need. She’s especially interested in relevance, findability, signification, and inherently funny words.

She’s dedicated to exploring a future in which information is more efficiently structured and connections more easily discovered. Rachel was doing content strategy long before she realized it was an actual field. Follow Rachel on Twitter.

Posts by this contributor:

Robert Stribley

stribs11Robert Stribley joined Razorfish as an Information Architect in June 2006. He has acted as both an IA and content strategist for Razorfish, Wachovia, iXL, and Computer Associates working with clients in the financial services, hospitality, media, IT, and automotive industries. At Wachovia, he worked with a small team, which was awarded one of The Nielsen Norman Group’s awards for Ten Best Intranets of the Year (2003). He holds degrees in broadcast journalism and English education and is a freelance critic of music and the arts. He’s also stribs on Twitter.

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