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Matt Geraghty   June 4, 2010
21st century iPad art at your fingertips courtesy of Pops Harlow.

To commemorate the sale of the two millionth iPad, we asked some of our gadget-minded iPad owners to chime in on their first impressions of the iPad.  See below and decide whether you’ll wait for version 2.0.

Andrew Pimentel, Strategy Director
I have had an iPad for about a month now.  I produce music on the side, and the first thing that struck me is how promising some of the first music software is.  I bought a ten-dollar app that made my iPad talk to my music software over my home WiFi network, making all sorts of controls available via its touch interface and making hundreds of dollars of physical equipment obsolete.

It also replaced my Kindle, though I still use the Kindle app for the iPad.  I prefer the iPad to my laptop to ‘process’ my email inboxes—deleting things, moving things to folders, and leaving whatever remains that requires action on my part to deal with when I’m in front of my computer.  It has replaced my laptop when I travel.  It is hard to argue with the battery life and svelte size and weight.

Heather Gately, Marketing Manager
The biggest thing for me is that the iPad doesn’t get hot. Ever. It’s this little miracle, especially considering how often I have it on. And its size/structure is perfect for surfing from the couch. Beyond the general e-reader benefits—carrying a library of books in your palm and being able to download in seconds—the graphics are stunning whether it’s a picture book or photos. Videos play quickly and, again, are gorgeous. For media consumption, it’s unmatched. I didn’t expect to love the iPad, but I do.

I’d say the biggest drawback, if I had to name one, falls on the app side. They tend to be pricier than iPhone apps, and most notably there is no Facebook app. (That’s what I’m on nine times out of ten when I’m watching TV.) The iPhone app version doesn’t cut it–and the website isn’t really optimized for it. But I expect that will change.

Johannes Kleske, SIM Strategist
My biggest interest in the iPad was as a device to read. It’s very complicated to get a Kindle in Germany. So I was hoping for something with a similar form factor but with a lot more possibilities. My favorite apps are the Kindle app and Instapaper. Instapaper lets you bookmark articles on the web and read them on the iPad later on, stripped of all the clutter like design and ads, just the plain text, very easy to read. This is the main way I read articles from the web now.

It has been really interesting to me to observe the change in my behavior with this new device. My iPhone is taking a back seat and is only used on the go when I need to communicate quickly. Everything else happens on the iPad, especially e-mail, calender and to-dos. I don’t do them on my Mac anymore for most of the time.

Shiv Singh, Vice President Global Strategic Services
I find myself consuming much more media than I have in the past. The form factor lets me take the iPad to more places than I’d take a laptop.  Broadly speaking it is a marvelous way to present content. I find myself engaging with advertisements too, in ways I would have never bothered to in the past. The keyboard takes a little getting used to, but it works. The lack of interaction design standards causes confusion when I move between applications or publications within the iPad.  Otherwise, complaints about it are exaggerated in my opinion.

Joe Mele, Managing Director, Client Media
The iPad is the Google killer. Now I see why Google is so focused on Android and Chrome.  Now I see why Eric Schmidt left Apple’s board. Google is afraid for the first time, and it’s not Microsoft it’s worried about.  I reached this epiphany this weekend as I spent some quality time with my new device, spending hours consuming content, connecting with brands I like, and discovering new and wonderful things to do with my iPad.  And I never opened my browser. I didn’t need Google. Then I bought more Apple stock.

Angie Tso, Senior Information Architect
It’s amazing, and it’s the first major paradigm shift to how we interact with the internet.  I thought it would be “the iPhone but bigger”— and it is, but it’s so much more!  From a user experience perspective, there is so much more potential to the design, layout, and interactivity.  Beyond that, it offers the most instantaneous, seamless access to online content of any gadget we’ve seen yet— no waiting to turn it on, and it’s always readily available.  It’s also incredibly intuitive—a must for the mass market.  My technophobe iPhone-less boyfriend has taken to reaching for my iPad instead of his computer to check ESPN.  It’s the only one of my gadgets that he reaches for on his own, and he does consistently… that to me signals a win!

David Chang, Senior Functional Analyst
I like it more than I thought I would.  It’s definitely not just a big iPhone.  The extra screen real estate lets the apps become so much richer and easier to use.  Changes the way I surf the web at home.  It’s a nicer and more intuitive surfing experience that make you feel more connected.  It also allows you to surf in more places; I surf in bed, on the couch in all sorts of body positions that weren’t feasible with a laptop. And typing on it is actually pretty decent with the onscreen keyboard!

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5 Responses

  1. Steve C. says:

    I bought myself one never expecting it to be used all that much. Boy was I wrong!

    It has become my primary device for information. I trade stocks most of the day using it. Before I was chained to my desk all day now I can go sit by the pool, have something to eat in the kitchen and it’s with me everywhere and always ready to go. I just love this thing. My wife who does not like tech at all started fiddling around with it and now she wants her own, which is really surprising because she never touches our desktop. Apple has created a real winner here despite what a lot naysayers seem to think.

  2. […] So that’s it from, here are some other instant impressions of the iPad on Razorfish’s Scatter/ Gather blog. […]

  3. I’ve looked forward to the concept for years, but when it finally came about, I wondered, what are all the things I would use it for? Looking at the price, I tried to follow Apple’s logic that it would fit in-between the smartphone and the laptop, improving on the main features of each. I wasn’t going to believe that a device on a new media consumption and creation platform, would take over tasks I do with each, but I was willing to try. I can honestly say that I use it for everything – the obvious items such as email, viewing videos and shows, reading books, but also creating documents, and sharing materials in a faster manner. I find I consume more things than ever before, keeping me up to date on what works and what doesn’t in the world, and with my iPAD – the only question I would pose to anyone is “Why don’t you have one?”

  4. Kathleen says:

    I bought it to replace all my heavy tech books and reduce my chiropractor bills (same price as the Kindle DX, 100 times more useful). I actually study on my commute, now and I haven’t had a backache since I bought the thing. I can carry several reference books, two dictionaries, several newspapers, the CIA World “Fact” Book and the Constitution with me everywhere. I can access all the recipes in the world, in the kitchen, where I actually need them. I can finally read Neal Stephenson’s epic novels outside my home without bringing a wheelbarrow.

  5. Samantha says:

    I have to admit that iPad changed my life style, like the PC appears, i don’t know how to live without my iPad, wanna share my apps in ipad, they are free, but very useful.

    Twitterific- if you must tweet, you could do worse than use this free client.

    Winx HD video converter for MAC – I use it to convert videos to my iPad.

    Pandora Radio- another iPhone app that takes good advantage of the iPad’s larger display.

    Pro Keys- This straightforward polyphonic or monophonic keyboard has two ranks, each with seven voices and simple effects.

    Adobe Ideas- Flash may be banished from the iPad, but Adobe isn’t.

    WeatherBug- This free app can quickly show you weather conditions anywhere in the world.

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