Casting “Content Strategy: The Movie”

Rachel Lovinger   November 13, 2012

Quiet on the set! (photo by earsaregood)

I’m kind of a pop culture fiend. My DVR is constantly in danger of running out of room. I may not qualify as a Cinemaniac, but I’ve I’ve had my moments (my record is 23 movie screenings in 11 days, during the Tribeca Film Festival). For over six years I worked for a major entertainment journalism website, where the vast majority of my expense report claims were for movie tickets. For the past three years I’ve hosted a documentary viewing series at the office once a month. I also studied film in college, where I also held a student job as a projectionist for film classes and student association groups that showed movies on campus. And my uncanny ability to recognize celebrities “in the wild” has led some people to speculate that celebrity spotting is my mutant power. A significant portion of my brain is devoted to to IMDb-like information.

All of which is to say: I don’t know why it took me so long to do this. After CS Forum was fully over (read my recap if you missed it), I was reflecting on the conference with Kerry-Anne and I casually started nominating the actors I thought should play some of the speakers – as well as other members of the CS Community – in the unlikely event that someone should decide to make a movie about our discipline. [Note: In some cases, we took the unrealistic position of disregarding the current age of the actor.]

So here’s what I came up with so far, with a few suggestions by Kerry-Anne.

Kerry-Anne Gilowey Emily Blunt
Rachel Lovinger Kate Winslet
Kristina Halvorson Ashley Judd
Karen McGrane Meryl Streep
Rahel Anne Bailie Megam Mullally
Margot Bloomstein Molly Ringwald
Kate Kiefer Lee Amy Adams
Sarah Cancilla Ellen Page
Richard Ingram Stephen Merchant
Luke Wroblewski Channing Tatum
Elisabeth McGuane Christina Ricci
Randall Snare Juliet Landau
Relly Annett-Baker Helena Bonham Carter
Jonathan Kahn Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Angela Colter Julie Andrews
Keri Maijala Julianne Moore
Lucie Hyde Cherry Jones
Destry Wion Liev Schrieber
Gabby Napolean Dynamite

This list is by no means comprehensive, but I wanted to leave some of the fun for the rest of you. Who would you cast as your favorite Content Strategist (including yourself!)? Add your own casting suggestions in the comments, or tweet them to @scattergather, and we’ll incorporate some of our favorite recommendations back into the article.

UPDATE: Wow, lots of suggestions! Here are some additions, thanks to Meghan Casey, @scarequotes, @katiedel, @gemelket, @MrVilhauer, @rahelab, and @mbloomstein (even though, in some cases, I chose to go in a different direction).

Melissa Rach Katherine Heigl
Sara Wachter-Boettcher Winona Ryder
Erin Kissane Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Joaquin Moreno Javier Bardem
Corey Vilhauer Jason Bateman
Sally Bagshaw Nicole Kidman
Katie Del Angel Mila Kunis
Cleve Gibbon Don Cheadle
Scott Abel Jon Favreau
Matthew Grocki Brian Posehn

Keep the recommendations coming, folks!

UPDATE 11/15/12: Here are some more!

Ahava Leibtag Elizabeth Shue
James Callan Philip Seymour Hoffman
CC Holland Carla Gugino
Ann Rockley Sigourney Weaver
Noz Urbina Mario Lopez
Jeff Durland Justin Kirk
Rian van der Merwe Justin Timberlake
Meghan Casey Anne Hathaway
Carolyn Wood Rachel Weisz
Rick Allen AD Miles
Stephanie Hale Lena Dunham

Moving on to other things for a while. Keep sharing your ideas below (with links, if you can), but we’ll probably hold off on updating this article. Unless you make some really amazing casting suggestions that we just can’t resist!

23 Responses

  1. Meghan Casey says:

    Melissa Rach: Katherine Heigl

  2. Meghan Casey says:

    Ooooh, and Sarah W-B: Winona Ryder

  3. You could commission Corey Vilhauer to cover the Jon Bon Jovi-esque opening credits song? :)

  4. eric smith says:

    Updated: Relly Annett-Baker -> Jennifer Coolidge

  5. Meghan – great suggestions! I’ll add these once I’ve collected up a few more.

    Shaun – yes!

    Eric – I think Helena Bonham Carter is a much better likeness for Relly, and already has a similar accent.

  6. With Brian Posehn as Matt Grocki.
    and can Bert, of and Ernie fame, understudy McLovin’ for Jonathan? PLEASE?

  7. Jeffrey Durland says:

    SOMEBODY has to be Paul Giamatti.

  8. Noz Urbina says:

    I’d not do this but seeing as Rahel’s already put me up against Mario Lopez (which is awesome) I have got better matched photos I think:

  9. Here’s one that Marja and I both came up with independent of one another while we were in Cape Town:

    Rian Van Der Merwe | Justin Timberlake.


  10. Rahel & Bridget – As you can see, I already went with someone else for Scott Abel – Jon Favreau. Aslo, I prefer to compare photos without glasses or other things that block the face, because it’s unlikely Scott’s character would wear glasses throughout the whole movie. We can ignore the reality of time, but we have to give our actors the opportunity to shine!

    Margot – maybe we can have understudies in the Broadway adaptation (musicl!) but that seems an unusual practice for a movie.

    Noz – Somehow I failed to add the photos of you and Mario yesterday (I had them ready!), so I’ll use these instead. Thanks!

    Jeff – I would love to have Paul Giamatti in this movie. I’ll think about who he could play (though that’s a little backwards from the usual approach). However, I think you should be played by Justin Kirk:

    Jonathan – great one!

  11. Gabby says:


    Fun stuff! However, I notice I’m the only one being played by a character and not a *real* person. What does that say about me?

    Also, Mr. Crumbles is wondering whether this movie will be in 3D. He suggests it would better capture any multidimensional content inventories which may play an integral role in the plot.


  12. Meghan Casey says:

    Those are exactly the pictures I was thinking!

  13. Gabby – well, obviously, you’re larger than life. A real person just couldn’t capture you. And I think it’s a requirement that all movies are made available in 3D these days (*ahem* Great Gatsby…?)

  14. Melissa Rach says:

    Since you were so nice to “Katherine Heigl” me, I will “Janeane Garafolo” you, Meghan Casey. (They even have similar arm tattoos, unfortunately, I don’t have a Meghan photo to share.)

  15. Carolyn Wood… how about Rachel Weisz or Julianna Margulies, with straight hair?

  16. CC Holland says:

    Wow, Carla Gugino? Super flattered. I want a pair of the goggles that you’re looking through! (And then make everyone around me wear them.)

  17. Noz Urbina says:

    This is so much fun! Bridget, I love Bobby Cannavale! He’s totally got the X factor! Not particularly digging that photo of him but he’s awesome generally. I’m happier with Mario though – makes me feel young!

    This is the ego-boostiest idea for a blog I’ve ever seen!

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