Our New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

Rachel Lovinger   December 16, 2011

Did someone say “party”? (image via Lulu Witch)

The Breakdown: As we wind down 2011, before we head off on vacation, we asked our Content Strategists to tell us their resolutions for 2012.

Michael Barnwell, New York

In a world where content is becoming more and more untethered, I vow to remain open to situations where limiting access to content might be the better experience.

 Liz Bennett, New York

I promise to coordinate more closely with developers when they’re building out functionality in the CMS.  Due to lack of time and not always having a full grasp of how the developers would implement the specs, there were a few occasions this year when we ended up with new functionality that was much more complicated than expected. Better coordination will require establishing some criteria for IT to use when making CMS updates. One criterion might be, if it looks like it will take 29 steps to upload a file or create a content promotion, please let us know and we’ll revisit the design.

 Tosca Fasso, San Francisco

To learn InDesign, so I can make sexier deliverables.

 Rachel Lovinger, New York

To think about content strategy more globally. In my project work and speaking opportunities this is coming up more and more frequently. I want to take a closer look at what a truly global content strategy looks like, and at what’s happening in the CS practice in the world beyond the U.S.

 Erin Abler, Philadelphia

To advocate for a cross-disciplinary understanding of content strategy here in the Philly office.  I think that opening up the floor to talk about CS capabilities – especially with those who aren’t designers or developers – can help us pitch, plan, and build more integrated projects as an agency.

 Jake Keyes, New York

My resolution is never again to do large-scale content production without a CMS!

 Robert Stribley, New York

I pledge not only to continue preaching the virtues of quality content, but to shamelessly create more quality content of my own. I may also exorcise a content demon or two along the way.

Matt Geraghty, New York

I strive to find new ways that Scatter/Gather can be the best platform for the most important conversations happening in Content Strategy today.

What are your Content Strategy Resolutions for the upcoming year?


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  1. Sandra says:

    To evangelize the individual contributions each of us can make toward executing on our content strategy. Step 1 – educate on the strategy. Step 2 – Evaluate/adjust/interative change to ensure the strategy makes it through execution.
    And to eat more cheesecake. Just sayin…

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